Negotiations - Bulletin 6

Published: December 30th 2014 | Source: TCRC West

We urge everyone to cast their vote and to demonstrate your solidarity...

During the week of December 16 - 19, 2014, your bargaining committee met with the Company in the presence of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS) in Calgary.

Despite the assistance of the Conciliation Officers we haven’t made much progress in the talks. The next meeting is devoted to fatigue management. We continue to be committed to negotiating an agreement and have scheduled to meet the Company for 4 days January 6 - 9, 2015 in Montreal and again January 20 - 24 in Calgary. Unless an agreement is reached, or as otherwise agreed between the parties to extend, the period of conciliation under the Code will expire January 24th. After that, the Code provides the parties a 21 day “cooling off period”. We have scheduled time during that cooling off period to meet with the Company with the assistance of FMCS. The process under the Code concludes at 23:59 on February 14th. After that time either party may legally take action under the code, in the form of a strike or lockout. However, the Union is obligated to obtain strike authority through a ballot process prior to that time.

On November 20, we received a letter from the Directors of Labour Relations regarding the current rest provisions of the respective Collective Agreements. Essentially, the Company argues that there is no provision for booking rest on a minute basis and effective with the expiration of the Collective Agreement, employees will have to book rest in hourly increments. This letter is similar to other rounds of negotiations where the Company has served estoppel issues. Obviously we disagree with the Company’s selective reading of our rest provisions and maintain the proper application of the Collective Agreements is to allow booking of rest in the manner it has been done consistently since our rest provisions were negotiated and since CMA was introduced. A copy of the letters that were exchanged with the Company are attached to this bulletin and email.

Yesterday, December 29, 2014, we instructed our printers to process and send out the strike ballot. You should all begin seeing the ballots in the mail shortly after the New Year. As we have previously indicated, in accordance with the Canada Labour Code, the Union must poll the membership prior to any legal strike action. We urge everyone to cast their vote and to demonstrate your solidarity to protect your working conditions and wages. Once the ballots commence distribution, we will issue further instructions on the strike vote including lost ballots or members who did not receive their ballot.

As you all are aware, we recently concluded the scheduled hearings before the CIRB with respect to Management performing our bargaining unit work. We anticipate the board will issue a declaration in the near future and we will distribute immediately.

We look forward to resuming bargaining in the New Year and will keep you apprised of any further
developments. Our commitment to the membership is to negotiate new Collective Agreements consistent with the memberships’ demands and proposals.

In solidarity,

Dave Fulton,
General Chairman - CTY West
  Greg Edwards,
General Chairman - LE West
Bruce Hiller,
General Chairman - CTY East
  Benoit Brunet,
General Chairman - LE East