TCRC Critical Incident Research Project

Published: September 2nd 2014 | Source: Robert D. Smith - National Legislative Director

For TCRC members who experience a critical railway incident

Sisters and Brothers,

Please find information relative to the Critical Incident Research Project that the TCRC has funded, in part, to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs that are in place at the railways at this time. Please forward this information to your membership for their information and files.

This is not an employer study it is a study that is being funded and is sanction by the TCRC. The results of this study will hopefully improve what the railways offer our members now who are involved in a critical incident such as a collision causing serious injury, fatality/suicide while performing operational duties. This project is being conducted under strict confidentiality with no employer involvement. It is understood that these situations a very sensitive in nature but the only way we can get the data needed for this research is through participation by those willing to do so.


Robert D. Smith
National Legislative Director
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference