Award from Hon George W, Adams Q.C.

Published: December 8th 2015 | Source: TCRC West | PDF Version

All TCRC Local Chairs- CPR Eastern and Western Regions - Bulletin 16

Attached is the award we received today from Hon George W, Adams Q.C. with respect to the mediation/arbitration process that was conducted in Toronto on October 5 -9 2015. We have also enclosed a list of agreed upon items that were finalized throughout the process.

We encourage everyone to read both documents. Over the coming days, we will review the award and provide our comments to the Local Chairmen and the membership.

In closing, we would like to thank the National Office and Teamsters Canada for all of their assistance and ongoing support throughout this process.

Additionally, we would like to thank Michael Church and Harold Caley for their roles in the mediation/arbitration with Hon George W, Adams Q.C.

In Solidarity,

Dave Fulton,
General Chairman - CTY West
  Greg Edwards,
General Chairman - LE West
Bruce Hiller,
General Chairman - CTY East
  Benoit Brunet,
General Chairman - LE East
cc: Mr. Douglas Finnson, President TCRC