5th Anniversary of the Field Hill Derailment

Brothers and Sisters,  

Today marks the solemn occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Field Hill derailment, a tragic incident that claimed the lives of three dedicated members of our Teamsters Canada Rail Conference family: Dylan Paradis, Andrew Dockrell, and Daniel Waldenberger-Bulmer. On February 4, 2019, these brave individuals lost their lives in the line of duty when a loaded grain train, operating in British Columbia, ran uncontrolled down a mountain grade and derailed due to a failure in its air brake system.

The impact of this disaster has reverberated through the lives of the families, friends, co-workers, and our entire organization. While we cannot erase the pain of losing our brothers, we are committed to honoring their memory by taking every necessary step to protect lives and mitigate the risks that rail transportation poses to our members and the general public.