Negotiations Update


May 2, 2024 - All TCRC Members,

This update is further to the published results of the strike vote which concluded May 1, 2024 at noon eastern. The TCRC has widely circulated those results (available on the TCRC App), and again are as follows:


93.3% of return
97.6% in favour


91.7% of return
99.0% in favour


96.6% of return
95.3% in favour

First and foremost, your TCRC Bargaining Committees wish to extend a heartfelt and sincere thank you to the membership for the staggering return. This alone sends a huge message to both companies that we simply will not accept anything short of an agreement that will address your issues and concerns. The strike mandate is also overwhelming and absolutely clear. It is time for CPKC and CN to get serious and quit using the Canadian economy as a shield to propagate their concessions to our collective agreements. 

As an update on next steps, we have previously outlined the timeline involved in the Canada Labour Code regarding the collective bargaining process. On April 30th the conciliation phase concluded and was not extended. This means the parties have begun the 21 day “cooling off” period, however in reality that is not an accurate description of what will be transpiring. 

The TCRC’s commitment to the negotiating table remains as before. We will continue to meet the companies in every effort to secure a contract. As of today there is only one secured date (May 3rd between CPKC and RCTCs), although it is understood there will be an all hands on deck approach as the strike deadline nears. 

All three committees have planned to be at the negotiating table in Montreal with the assistance Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS). This is scheduled to begin on May 13th with CN, and the 17th with CPKC. This will continue right through the strike deadline or until a deal is reached. 

In preparation for a potential work stoppage your General Committees have provided the National Office with contact information and numbers required for picket signs. They have been sent to the Division Executive(s), if not received our office can be contacted to confirm shipping information. Please email to make arrangements if necessary.

There will also be information to follow that will provide Divisions guidance on picket line behaviors, legal assistance (if required), and contact information. Your Division Executive should be in the process of designating Strike Captains to address any and all scenarios that may be encountered once a work stoppage begins. This information will primarily be sent from your respective General Committee but is being confirmed over the coming days.

Media will be reaching out once picket lines are established. The TCRC is focusing our message and will remain consistent throughout this entire process. As a result, any media requests put to any member must be forwarded to: 

Christopher Monette 
Director of Public Affairs 
Teamsters Canada 
Cell: 514-226-6002 

As every member is aware, CPKC and CN have continued to play games throughout the entire collective bargaining process. We believe the escalating desperation in their actions paints a clear picture of distress. They continue to circumvent our bargaining committees by directly feeding inaccurate propaganda to you, the members. They issue misleading statements to the media, their customers, and the public in general. It is clear from the strike vote results that you are not falling for their empty promises. Solidarity is always important, but during trying times like these it is vital. We ask every member to remain strong and support each other. Your bargaining committees will continue to press forward and exhaust every avenue to protect your collective rights.

As we continue along this path the various TCRC bodies will provide updates as required. Specific collective agreement issues remain under the jurisdiction of the General Committee(s) but this letter is to remind the entire membership of the solidarity we have as a whole. The entire organization is working together and will not rest in defense of the membership’s rights.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, we remain, 

In Solidarity, 

PDF Copy of this letter

In Solidarity,

Dave Fulton
General Chairman - CTY West

Greg Lawrenson 
General Chairman - LE West

Wayne Apsey 
General Chairman - CTY East

Ed Mogus
General Chairman - LE  East

Mark Kernaghan  
General Chair                                                            
TCRC Central LE

Jean-Michel Hallé 
General Chair                                                            
TCRC Lines East LE

Jason Bailey 
General Chair                                                             

KC James 
General Chair                                                           

Jim Lennie
General Chair                                                            
TCRC Central CTY

Ray Donegan
General Chair                                                            

Alain Gatien
General Chair                                                           
TCRC Lines East CTY

Paul Boucher - TCRC President
Ryan Finnson - TCRC Vice President
Chris Lowe - National Secretary-Treasurer - TCRC
Don Ashley - National Legislative Director - TCRC