CP Rail Has Initiate a Lockout

Sisters and Brothers: This letter is further to our bulletin of March 17, 2022 with respect to our negotiations with the Company.

Despite our best-efforts CP Rail has chosen to initiate a lockout tonight 0001 EDT Sunday March 20, 2022, rather than bargain in good faith, the Union simultaneously with the lockout are also on strike. During this past nine days (Friday March 11th onward) the Union has been in position and remained available and ready to negotiate the issues put forward. Unfortunately, the company has done little to try and secure a deal. It is clear the company by its’ forecasting and planned lockout is depending on the inevitable back to work legislation, as their process of bargaining.

Members should now be manning the picket lines and signs should indicate lockout/strike. Further as you have already seen the Company will continue to spread misinformation, and we encourage the Strike Captains to call their respective contact person for any clarifications that may be required to ensure the members are getting the correct facts.

It is obvious that CP Rail has and continues to take anything they can get from us and our families in order to reward the shareholders. Rest at home, fair wages and your pension are not values they have any respect for, and they have locked us out in order to squeeze every last drop in the name of shareholder value.

Please know your Bargaining Committee is determined to see this fight to the end so we can achieve a fair and equitable agreement.

We will keep you informed on any further developments.

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In Solidarity,

Dave Fulton
General Chairman - CTY West

Greg Edwards   
General Chairman - LE West

Wayne Apsey    
General Chairman - CTY East

Ed Mogus    
General Chairman - LE East