November 24, 2023 - All TCRC Local Chairs- CPKC Eastern and Western Regions - Bulletin 2

On November 21 to 23, 2023, along with TCRC President Paul Boucher and TCRC Vice President Ryan Finnson, the Bargaining Committee met with the Company representatives to continue our negotiations in an effort to reach a settlement.

We spent most of our time explaining our demands and further reviewing the Company’s demands. The Company had various questions regarding our demands, which we clarified in detail. We had several questions regarding their demands, to which they provided some answers.

At this point there are not a lot of details to share as we are very early in the process.

Our next scheduled meetings with the Company will be in December. It is important for your bargaining committee to obtain the membership’s feedback, comments, or questions on the proposals prior to the next meeting. Please forward any questions sent from your members to your respective General Chairman to ensure proper follow up.

Following each session, we will provide you with an updated bulletin. Please distribute these documents to ensure the membership is kept apprised of any developments.

PDF copy of Bulletin #2

Thank you for your attention to this matter, we remain,

In Solidarity,

Dave Fulton
General Chairman - CTY West

Greg Lawrenson 
General Chairman - LE West

Wayne Apsey 
General Chairman - CTY East

Ed Mogus
General Chairman - LE  East

Paul Boucher - TCRC President
Ryan Finnson - TCRC Vice President