Subsequent Strike Vote

June 11, 2024 - All TCRC Members,

The following is a quick update on National negotiations, and next steps required to protect the overwhelming strike mandate provided by the membership on May 1st.

As you are aware the membership’s right to withdraw services has been frozen while the CIRB investigates Minister O’Regan’s referral of all three maintenance of activities agreements (CN and CPKC Running Trades, and CPKC RTCs). The TCRC provided a written submission to the board on May 21st, followed by in-person meetings on May 27th and 28th. The Chair provided some expectations on what to address in our response submissions (due June 14th), but unfortunately little else.  We have no indication how long this process will take, or what an outcome could possibly look like. The result is a frustrated process. Both carriers have completely withdrawn any commitment to negotiate since the referral was issued, which already was almost non-existent since the sessions began last fall.

When a decision is rendered by the CIRB the freeze will be technically lifted. Both carriers have asked the board to provide an extension of 30 days (from decision date) before the required 72 hours notice can be served by either party. They claim this timeline is required to properly prepare for a shutdown, however the TCRC does not believe this to be a genuine statement. As has been the case through the entire bargaining cycle, CN and CPKC are only interested frustrating the process and circumventing the membership’s right to withdraw services.

The TCRC issued a press release on June 7th ( outlining our offer to stagger negotiations by 2 weeks for CPKC and CN. As provided the carriers have rejected the offer. It is clear these companies have no regard or concern for the public or its well-being. The TCRC believes they have exposed their continuing agenda of financial gain and labour strife once again.

Under the Canada Labour Code the sweeping strike mandate the membership provided is valid for 60 days, and is set to expire June 30th. It is clear we cannot rely on a timely conclusion to these unfortunate circumstances and must protect our rights regardless of outcome. As a result, the TCRC will be conducting a subsequent strike vote beginning Friday June 14th and will run until June 29th. The vote will again be electronic and received by email. We are very confident this can be a quick process with shorter turnaround because of the preparation and hard work already performed for the first ballot. This will ensure the TCRC is ready for any situation and are able to respond accordingly.

The TCRC understands the membership’s resolve. The carrier’s actions have strengthened it and further deepened our solidarity and determination for the respect each employee deserves. This distraction will not soften a strike ballot return – your Union has every confidence in every member. The TCRC again requests for everyone to step up and ensure their ballot is returned. Remind every Sister and Brother to do the same. We will again demonstrate that CPKC and CN have completely misjudged their employee’s priorities, and that they need to get serious about negotiating a fair Collective Agreement(s). It is clear both carriers would like nothing better than to see a strike mandate with less support than the first ballot, giving them fodder for their PR machines. Make no mistake that the only reason these carriers are pushing for binding arbitration is to attain concessions that they cannot achieve through collective bargaining.

As before, developments will be relayed to the membership through all means available. Please download the TCRC App as the quickest and most comprehensive source in this regard.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, we remain,

In Solidarity, 

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In Solidarity,

Dave Fulton
General Chairman - CTY West

Greg Lawrenson 
General Chairman - LE West

Wayne Apsey 
General Chairman - CTY East

Ed Mogus
General Chairman - LE  East

Mark Kernaghan  
General Chair                                                            
TCRC Central LE

Jean-Michel Hallé 
General Chair                                                            
TCRC Lines East LE

Jason Bailey 
General Chair                                                             

KC James 
General Chair                                                           

Jim Lennie
General Chair                                                            
TCRC Central CTY

Ray Donegan
General Chair                                                            

Alain Gatien
General Chair                                                           
TCRC Lines East CTY

Paul Boucher - TCRC President
Ryan Finnson - TCRC Vice President
Chris Lowe - National Secretary-Treasurer - TCRC
Don Ashley - National Legislative Director - TCRC