Over Hours Arbitration  

Results of our hearings before Arbitrator Clarke in regards to the systemic Over Hours violations that go to the core of rail employees’ rest and work-life balance. 

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Negotiation - Bulletin #7

Despite our efforts, the employer continues to demand what we see as significant concessions in virtually all areas of the present Collective Agreements.

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Appeal of B. Reimer

The Grievor shall be made whole from the period of time that the Company’s SAP report was completed to the date of his resignation on August 11, 2016.

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Appeal of J. Shewchuk

The arbitrator orders that CP reinstate Mr. Shewchuk with appropriate compensation. The 30-day suspension and the termination will be removed from his record and written warnings will be substituted in their place.

Dismissal of Engineer Murtagh

The penalty imposed must be proportional to the transgression alleged. In my view, a discipline of dismissal is disproportionate in the circumstances and should be replaced with a suspension of one month. The grievance is allowed in part. The dismissal will be set aside and replaced with a one-month suspension. The Grievor, having already been reinstated, shall be otherwise made whole.  

Managers/BU Work 

The Board has decided to adjourn the scheduled hearings and set aside the following possible continuation dates of April 3 to 6 and April 9 to 13, 2018.

Incident Research

Critical Incident Research Project that the TCRC has funded, in part, to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs that are in place at the railways at this time.


Pension Portal

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