Arbitration Enforcement

The Union busting techniques we see may be damaging, and in this war on workers declared by CP there are wins and losses.

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CTY LTD Update

The purpose of this Information Bulletin is to bring everyone up to date on what has happened since the CTY LTD Ratification.

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Appeal of Dismissal

The arbitrator orders CP to reinstate Mr. Lougheed with full compensation and to replace his dismissal with a written warning.

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AV Vacancy Award

Employees wishing to change their annual vacation periods shall have ten days to fax/email in an AV Change Request Form to the AV Admin Clerk.  

Run Around Award

Grievance concerning the handling of unassigned pool and spareboard employees. Dated at Toronto, Ontario this 8th day of November 2016

AdHoc Award 641 - RCLS  

As the arbitrator is already aware, the Union has filed grievances (rights grievances) on behalf of each of GCA’s taking issue with the Company’s various and different initiatives in this case. These grievances would normally be heard by the CROA&DR in due course. 

Incident Research

Critical Incident Research Project that the TCRC has funded, in part, to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs that are in place at the railways at this time.


Pension Portal

If you need help accessing the Web site, contact Pension Services at 1 888 511-7557 or 403 319-3035, Monday through Friday, between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Mountain time.