Brother Hucker

 It is with great sadness that the TCRC LE West announces that we have lost brother George Hucker on November 14, 2018. We will keep you informed of any planned services or news from the family.

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Negotiated Settlement 

We are satisfied that our issues have been addressed. The main agreement is a four-year agreement and the KVR agreement has a five-year term. All the details will be distributed.

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Ratification Results

We would like to thank you the national office and Teamsters Canada for their support through this process. Also, we would like to thank the membership and the Division Officers for their support.

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Ratification Process

June 25, 2018 - Sisters and Brothers; This letter is further to Negotiation Bulletin #15 of May 30th, 2018 with respect to the upcoming vote on the Memorandum of Settlement. 

Appeal of the dismissal of Locomotive Engineer J. Baril

I agree with the Union that the initial termination as well as the later reduced penalty were both extraordinarily harsh. The penalties are set aside and replaced with a 7 day suspension, for the insulting language, but not for a refusal to follow directions. The grievor is otherwise to be made whole, with interest.

Appeal of 30-day suspension to Locomotive Engineer B. Desjarlais

The arbitrator accordingly substitutes a 3-day suspension for the original 30-day suspension. This suspension applies solely to Mr. Desjarlais receiving a call for work and booking off sick at that time. No discipline was warranted for the two occasions when Mr. Desjarlais booked unfit in accordance with the collective agreement.

Incident Research

Critical Incident Research Project that the TCRC has funded, in part, to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs that are in place at the railways at this time.


Pension Portal

If you need help accessing the Web site, contact Pension Services at 1 888 511-7557 or 403 319-3035, Monday through Friday, between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Mountain time.