Bulletin 11

CP Rail never tried to negotiate many of the items in the offer with our bargaining committee. Given the numerous “clarifications” put out by CP Rail, it appears they continue to bargain with themselves.

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CIRB Voting suspended

Voting has been temporarily suspended as a result of a printing error on the voter letter.
Please watch for your new voting instructions and PIN in the mail. New Voting Period Start May 18.

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Judgment Day at CP

Teamsters are ready negotiate with CP but we cannot bargain alone,” he added. “CP has to be ready to settle outstanding issues and to provide workers with a good and fair collective agreement.”

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Appeal of 30-day suspension to Locomotive Engineer B. Desjarlais

The arbitrator accordingly substitutes a 3-day suspension for the original 30-day suspension. This suspension applies solely to Mr. Desjarlais receiving a call for work and booking off sick at that time. No discipline was warranted for the two occasions when Mr. Desjarlais booked unfit in accordance with the collective agreement.

Appeal of two dismissals of D. Lang

The arbitrator has concluded that the dismissal for the September 3, 2016 derailment incident was excessive and shall be replaced by a 7-day suspension. The arbitrator orders CP to reinstate Mr. Lang in his employment, with compensation and without loss of seniority, except for the period of the 7-day suspension and less any amounts earned in mitigation.

Appeal of J. Zahariuk of Winnipeg, MB.

From the totality of these five cases, I cannot discount the grievor’s feelings. The discharge penalty applied three times in a row are now all set aside and the grievor is to be reinstated as directed above. In the last two cases particularly, the magnitude of the penalty grossly outweighs the relative seriousness of the offences alleged.

Incident Research

Critical Incident Research Project that the TCRC has funded, in part, to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs that are in place at the railways at this time.


Pension Portal

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