CP notice to withdraw from the CROA

It is unfortunate that CP has chosen to withdraw from a process

Letter from CP Rail’s AVP of Labour Relations regarding CROA
I regret to inform you that the Canadian Pacific Railway Company has no choice but to inform you that we will be withdrawing from the CROA MOA and therefore our membership from CROA.

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TCRC Vice President R. Hackl responds to Mr. Becker 

To be clear, we acknowledge that CPR will no longer participate or be a member of the CROA&DR Administration Committee. We further note that the CPR, pursuant to (and including without limiting all applicable references) Articles 36 (LE East and West); Articles 80 (CTY East and West); and Article 35 (RTC), within each of the respective TCRC Collective Agreements remains contractually obligated to refer or accept the referral of any grievances to CROA&DR involving our Union for final disposition in accordance with Sections 56 and 57 of the Canada Labour Code. Click here to read Mr. Hackl's letter...